A message from the couple...

The idea for a Big Lebowski themed wedding actually came before the official “she said yes” moment. I remember quite vividly one afternoon laying on the couch and talking about possible wedding ideas. I’d never wanted a white wedding dress, but was in love with the idea of an intricate black gown, which would fit in beautifully with a masquerade ball themed wedding. We spent several hours looking at masquerade masks, but never discussed the idea much further.

A couple weeks later, I stumbled across a save the date that prompted me to say “what if we had a Big Lebowski themed wedding?” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew this is how it was going to go down. We talked about having White Russians as our signature drink, using Folgers cans as wedding décor, and of course Jesse wearing a Dude Pendleton sweater.

Although our wedding planning process was a roller coaster ride with many changes and even uncertainties at times, we couldn’t imagine getting married in any other way. Having a Big Lebowski themed wedding really ties the relationship together. Bringing our time together full circle, from our first date, to the day we become Mr. and Mrs. McNew.

We encourage all guests to dress in full costume as their favorite Big Lebowski character, bowling attire, whathaveyou. If you need any ideas, feel free to check out the links here, here and here or just watch the movie again! It's always a good time to watch The Big Lebowski!

We are so excited to share this day with our family and friends as we take the next step in our lives together.


Chelsea's Story

Jesse and I first met in 2010 while we were both working at Verizon Wireless. I had seen him around, but we never actually met until we ended up in the same tech support training class. I'd had a bit of a crush on him, even though he didn't know I even existed, so I sent him a friend request on Facebook. The same night he invited me downtown for drinks, and we ended up spending the next five hours between Zoo Bar, Duffy's and O'Rourkes, before finally deciding to go back to my apartment to watch a movie.

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Jesse's Story

Going through life, I never though I would be the type of person who would fall in love and get married. I wasn't dead set against it per say (OK, I did have a pact with my sister, Heather, that neither of us would ever get married or have kids, which she has broken both of these pacts by a long shot) but a man loves his freedom and a man loves his independence, so if it never happened to me, so be it. The one thing I did understand in life was that you can't force meeting the right person and you can't force falling in love, so if it's supposed to happen it will, and it did.

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