To put it bluntly, we have not registered anywhere. The greatest gift anyone can give us is blessing us with your presence our our Wedding Day. We look forward to seeing all of you, our friends and family, old and new on this most special occasion. We want everyone to come and enjoy themselves and have a great time, seriously! This will be unlike any wedding you have ever been to before or will go to after. There will be bowling, boozing, food, good tunes and even a few special surprises! It's gonna be a party folks, so let's party!

In the event that you feel a need to contribute a gift to the Wedding Party in any way, you are more than welcome to improvise and bring whatever you like. However, if you are not the improvisational type and want an easy way to contribute, we would not turn down what is affectionately called cash, bones, benjamins, cabbage, clams, stacks, singles, scratch, moolah, loot, lettuce, greenbacks, folding stuff, dough, bread or just plain old money. We were not really sure how to phrase this and apparently, based on my hour of research on the internet, asking for money as a wedding gift is poor ettiqute and just wrong. Well, we are of the belief that honesty is the best policy and honestly, after the wedding, we will be looking to continue our journey in life and part of that journey includes the purchase of a home of our own, so your contributions would not be going to a two week bender in Vegas but a legit cause in helping us pursue our dreams.

Again, this can't be stated enough, we expect nothing from anyone accept your presence and your blessing on this special occasion. Oh, and that you have a great time at the wedding! Other than that, that's it. The pressure is off. If you want to contribute something, you can use the Google Wallet or PayPal links below, both are safe and secure. We have used them for years. Or, if you are not comfortable using online services, you can do it Godfather style just hand over a discrete envelope of cash to us at the wedding, it will be our little secret. Hell, bring bags of pennies if you like, but again, no gift is required or expected, it's optional and completely up to you.

One final time, we mean no disrespect to anyone and how or if they feel like providing some sort of gift to the Wedding party, this is just the way we thought would be the best way of letting everyone know that if they do want to contribute, this is just the manner in which we prefer.

Thank you to each and every one of you, sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts.

Let's party!