Our Story


Chelsea's Story

Jesse and I first met in 2010 while we were both working at Verizon Wireless. I had seen him around, but we never actually met until we ended up in the same tech support training class. I'd had a bit of a crush on him, even though he didn't know I even existed, so I sent him a friend request on Facebook. The same night he invited me downtown for drinks, and we ended up spending the next five hours between Zoo Bar, Duffy's and O'Rourkes, before finally deciding to go back to my apartment to watch a movie. He happened to choose The Big Lebowski because I had never seen it, and although I didn't really "get it," I let Jesse continue to share the things he loved with me. As we started dating, we would spend countless hours together and he would play me music I'd never heard, show me movies I'd never seen, and watch new TV shows together. I immediately knew Jesse was special, and unlike anyone I'd ever met before, but I also knew that he didn't want things I wanted, including marriage or kids. In fact, he told me the very first night we went out that he and Heather, his sister, had made a pact when they were younger to never have kids and never get married.

As our relationship grew, we moved in together and apparently something changed his mind about the whole marriage thing. On March 22, 2013, Jesse picked me up from work. I'd left my debit card at my part-time job and I asked him to bring me my badge and take me to go pick it up. He picked me up from work, and rather than taking me to get my card, he took me back home, because he couldn't find my badge. I remember being so irritated at the time, because I told him exactly where it was!

We walked in the house and immediately my mood changed. There was a huge bouquet of calla lilies on the coffee table, and a path of tea light candles lighting the floor. I didn't even know what was about to happen, but I immediately started crying. Jesse doesn't always appear to be the most outwardly romantic type, so regardless of why there were flowers and candles, I was shocked.

Together we walked down to the basement, where there was an owl shaped piñata hanging from the rafters. After beating the crap out of that thing (and ultimately just ripping it with my hands), there was a card inside with the text "Congratulations! You're engaged!" and Jesse had written "... almost. I have a question I'd like to ask you." He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was more than I could have ever expected.

Every day I feel so lucky to have Jesse on my side. He knows exactly how to cheer me up if I'm feeling down, celebrates with me in my successes and encourages me to pursue my goals and dreams, even if they don't make sense to him at the time. I'm so excited to have a relationship with Jesse, in which we have the support from each other to grow as individuals, as well as continue to build on our future together.

"I never thought I would find a person like you, and now that I have, I know I never will." – Jesse, February 2014


Jesse's Story

Going through life, I never though I would be the type of person who would fall in love and get married. I wasn't dead set against it per sa (OK, I did have a pact with my sister, Heather, that neither of us would ever get married or have kids, which she has broken both of these pacts by a long shot) but a man loves his freedom and a man loves his independence, so if it never happened to me, so be it. The one thing I did understand in life was that you can't force meeting the right person and you can't force falling in love, so if it's supposed to happen it will, and it did.

I met Chelsea in a place not uncommon where many couples meet, work. I was accepted to the Tech Support training class for Verizon and there were 2 classes. Based on my SSN# and last name, I was supposed to be in the 1st class but somehow I ended up in the 2nd class, and had that not happened, my life would have taken a much different turn, because as it turns out, the 2nd training class is where I would meet Chelsea for the first time. She sat in the 1st row and I sat in the 2nd row back behind her during the training class. I'd never seen her before but there can be over a few hundred people in the Verizon Call Center at any given time so not knowing everyone was common. I though she was cute, smart and had a great laugh.

I remember the day that we first hung out very well, it was December 27th 2010. Lady Ga Ga was rumored to be in Lincoln (was in Lincoln?) and people were blowing up social media saying she was in town / sightings of her so. I was telling Chelsea how I was going to go down to the bars after work, have a few drinks, hang out and see if I would get a chance sighting of Lady Ga Ga. True to my word, after work I went to Duffy's Tavern, having a PBR bottle, listening to some tunes on the jukebox when I got a friend request from Chelsea, I accepted and she asked if I had seen Lady Ga Ga yet? I said I had not but that she was welcome to come join me at the bar and help keep lookout, she obliged and so this story begins...

A few months after meeting Chelsea, I got very sick and somehow I had taken up camp at Chelsea's apartment. She brought me soup, medicine and took great care of me. I felt so grateful for her kindness and I will never forget that, it was the start of something very special and I could feel that in my heart.

It got to be that I was spending more and more time with her at her place my room mates wondered if I even still lived with them. I wanted to spend all of my time with her, we had such a good time together, watching TV, cooking dinner, walking the dog, listening to music. As relationships tend to have a way of progressing, we took the next step and moved in together. An old 3 story house with wood floors throughout and a super creepy basement in downtown Lincoln. I was weary of moving in with her at first, having lived the bachelor life for so long, it was going to be a change but it was a welcomed change and a decision I'm very glad we made. Moving in together made our relationship stronger then ever and helped us learn how to grow together to become a better couple.

Proposing to Chelsea was one of the most important things I've done in my life if not the most important. I was so excited when I ordered her ring, I kept looking and the picture of it over and over and watching the tracking info like a hawk, I could not wait to get the ring, see it and then put it on her hand! I had a rough plan in my head of how I was going to propose, it was goofy but I wouldn't have it any other way. The day the ring came, I proposed to her, but how was I going to do it? I remembered a conversation Chelsea and I had one time about her jokingly wanting a pinata for her birthday party, so I took that idea and ran with it. Chelsea loves owls so I got an owl pinata, put a card in it letting her know I had a question for her, a very important question. The day the ring came in I was picking her up from work and she needed to run up to her other job after getting off her first job to pick something up but she needed me to bring her her ID badge from home. This was not going to work for me to well because I had already laid out a path of candles, all lit, from the front door down to the basement where I had hung the owl pinata. I did not want to leave the candles burning by themselves for a long time unattended while we ran to her other job so I told her I could not find her ID badge. She reluctantly went back to the house with me to look for it when I picked her up. I opened the door to the house and she saw all the candles and started to cry. I'm wasn't sure if she was crying because she was happy or because she was scared because the house looked like a satanic ritual was about to take place... I asked her to step in to the house and follow the path of candles, ya know, see where it goes. Chelsea followed the path to the basement, she saw the pinata and looked at me and I told her she needed to break it open. Chelsea beat the tar out of the pinata but it was not very well made so it didn't come apart as easy as it should have. She eventually pulled it down and ripped it open. Chelsea found the card, opened it only to ready "congratulations on getting engaged" and just below that sentence I had written "almost" and then I asked her to marry me. She said yes. I was ecstatic!

I'm very happy to have found someone as special as Chelsea and feel very fortunate because I didn't think I would ever find someone like her. She is smart, beautiful, funny, loyal, sincere, supportive, caring, hard working, and manages to put up with me and my weird ways, hobbies, music and interests. There is something definitely to be said for that, trust me. I admire so many qualities about Chelsea, she is perfect for me in every way and I feel so very lucky that we get the chance to spend the rest of our lives together. She is the one and always will be.

Abide, Jesse